Meet Your New AI Assistants

Social Media Post Automation

Automate and schedule the publication of your posts on social networks and save time on your high value-added tasks: Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram,

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Q&A Chat

Facilitate internal queries with a virtual assistant fed by your own data and documents. Finding information in your organization has never been easier.

Chatbot Customer

Optimize customer engagement with an intelligent chatbot integrated into your website. It will respond smartly to your customers 24/7, based on your data. Avoid a hundred of questions and keep focus on your job. 

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Content Generator

Create any type of content to suit your needs in just a few clicks using our automated tool: job offer, email response, website content...

Blog Post Generation

Create a large number of articles for your website that are attractive and well referenced on search engines to increase your visitors. 

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Turn your meeting or customer call audios into reports, summaries and transcripts. No more manual encoding.
You can even ask questions to your audio file to get the answer you want in a second.

Private GPT

Harness the power of a Private GPT to navigate general knowledge and your internal documents with ease and confidentiality. Your data stays private, your queries answered swiftly and securely.

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Whatsapp Chatbot

Boost customer interaction with a smart WhatsApp chatbot tailored to your business needs, providing round-the-clock intelligent responses derived from your own data. Streamline inquiries directly through WhatsApp, saving time to concentrate on your core business tasks.

And many more to come... 🚀

The Power Of AI To Serve Your Company

Explore how Vitamin AI helps you to transform your communication either on the internal and external side :

Increase your client engagement

You don’t know how to make your website more appealing? Elevate your customer service with our AI-powered chatbot. Integrated on your website, it provides real-time assistance, answering queries and guiding visitors, enhancing user experience and engagement.

Boost efficiency and speed in your social media management

Spending too much time on creating content? Create posts for your social media accounts faster with the Content Generator functionality! Making your posts more engaging while spending less time on creating them.

Create tailor-made posts

Struggling with creating attractive and unique blog posts? Construct your posts progressively, tailoring them in just minutes. Create attractive titles, enhance their appeal by weaving in SEO keywords to boost engagement using our Blog Post Generator.

Automate Social Media Posts

Struggling to keep your social media presence consistent? Don't let missed posts hinder your visibility. Automate your social media updates effortlessly with our platform. Consistency is crucial for growing your online presence, and our tool ensures your content reaches your audience regularly. Stay ahead of the curve and boost your visibility on social media networks today!

Experience Instant Insights

Revolutionize the way your company accesses and interacts with its wealth of data. With our innovative solution, you can effortlessly engage in dynamic Q&A sessions, extracting invaluable insights from your uploaded knowledge base. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to instant, tailored answers. Elevate your organization's efficiency and decision-making processes with our intelligent, intuitive tool.

Effortless Meeting Summaries

Elevate your meeting efficiency with our Audio-to-Text Transcripter! Seamlessly convert meeting or customer call audios into detailed reports, summaries, and transcripts without the need for manual encoding. Experience the ease of streamlining your workflow and capturing crucial information effortlessly. Stay ahead of the curve with this time-saving feature, and look forward to even more enhancements to come!

Seamless Integration

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Transform the way your company communicates and operates