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Simplify your Administrative Workflow 

Vitamin AI streamlines administrative tasks with AI, offering instant Q&A support, seamless content creation, meeting summaries, and document translation for unmatched office efficiency.

  • Precision

  • Efficiency

  • Rapidity


Transforming Administrative Operations with AI

Unlock the efficiency of AI in your administrative processes. Organizations adopting these innovative solutions are experiencing transformative improvements in operational workflows. Witness a significant enhancement in task accuracy and enjoy substantial time savings across all administrative functions. Step into the future of workplace efficiency with tools crafted to elevate productivity and streamline your administrative tasks, setting a new benchmark for operational excellence.

  • + 70%

    time gained in document processing

  • + 90%

    reduction of errors in administrative tasks

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How does it work ?

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Discover our Administrative Package

Discover our myriad of tools that help you to boost your productivity.

Meeting Reports

This innovative tool transcribes audio files with precision, compiles comprehensive reports of your meetings. Beyond documentation, it allows for interactive dialogue, enabling you to ask specific questions about the meeting's content and receive accurate answers instantly.

Document Translation

Designed to support PDFs, Word documents, and text files, it offers seamless translation across a multitude of languages. Whether you're preparing international reports or sharing information across global teams, this tool ensures your documents are understood by all, bridging language barriers.

Private GPT

Private GPT combines your custom data with ChatGPT's extensive knowledge base, offering precise, AI-driven answers. This tool not only responds to queries with company-specific insights but also taps into a broad range of general knowledge, ensuring comprehensive support without continuous human input.

Q&A Chat

Unlock instant, AI-powered answers with our Q&A Chat feature. Feed it with your company's specific data, and it seamlessly provides accurate, tailored responses to internal queries, enhancing decision-making and productivity without the need for constant human oversight.


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